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The real costs of a grant and trust fundraiser

Here’s a real-life post that appeared in an online fundraising forum. Do you see any ‘red flags’?

“The real costs of a grant and trust fundraiser”

I run a small charity called ______  in which we have just completed our business plan.

We have concluded that:
We need to raise the funds to employ a fundraiser.

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Hi people, this webinar called "European Plant-Based Food Market Overview" is happening this TODAY. Please join me — I look forward to seeing you there!
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Pleased to be attending "Reimagining Food Systems: Driving Action for a Post-Covid World" #foodsystems #foodsystemsaction

Meat prices are surging. Good news from @CNNBusiness: Fake meat is getting cheaper.

At @GoodFoodEurope, we're hiring!

We need a #Communications Manager to drive the narrative for the #alternativeprotein sector in Europe, and make a massive difference to #animals, #foodsecurity, #antimicrobialresistance, and the #climate. Job brochure:

The #bunkerbaby comment 'I was only in the bunker to inspect it' from @realDonaldTrump is absurd, and akin to "I did inhale" from @BillClinton, only with much more serious consequences in a more volatile world. #BunkerBoy

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