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    Hiya @FultonBank, no luck in setting up online banking; I've emailed you as well so we can get it sorted. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hi Mark, great article. In case this is of interest, some bloviating from a few years ago @TownsendMark

    Hiya @what3words ā€” I see you still haven't found the ideal Partnerships Director.

    Why don't we meet for a coffee? You've got nothing to lose, and perhaps we both have a lot to gain. Happy to come to you.

    Hi @NinjaKitchen @NinjaKitchenUK!

    My beloved 900W BL450UK "Barry" has started smoking ā€” I realise he may be out of warranty, but I've got the proof of purchase. I love Barry so much...would you be willing to replace him, or give me a deal on a new one? Thank you so much!

    An insightful session on #philanthropy in #LatinAmerica today; kudos and thanks to @Alliancemag and every participant!

    @maidaaninatĀ | @CEFIS_UAI
    @mcsuarezvĀ | @Latimpacto
    @PaulaFabianiĀ |Ā @IDIS_NoticiasĀ 
    @InesLaferĀ |Ā @GIFE
    @eroohiĀ |Ā @Alliancemag

    #LatAmPhilanthropy #giving

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