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Hey @InstantBrandsUK can you follow me back so we can sort out a faulty Duo? It's only a few months old, so we'd really like to have one back in action.

Match funding is so powerful — especially when it quadruples donations https://www.beaconcollaborative.org.uk/match-funding-is-so-powerful-especially-when-its-quadrupled/

Hi @InstantPot — our new Duo Crisp was great, but now the pressure cooker lid won’t lock into place.

We have been in touch via email, but sadly no response yet.

Can you help us speed up getting this sorted?

Thank you.

At this morning’s #BeaconForum at London’s @GuildhallArt, it’s @StuartAndrew singing the praises of @LewisHamilton and his philanthropy.

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